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Welcome to Thriving Care Inc! We offer professional, compassionate home care for seniors and adults with diverse abilities. Our experienced caregivers provide culturally respectful support to help clients thrive at home.

Our app, Thriving.ai, simplifies caregiving. It lets you track mood, vitals, health, and social activities, with features like comprehensive monitoring, an integrated care plan, and centralized communication.

At Thriving Care Inc., everyone deserves the best care tailored to their unique needs.

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Continuity of care

Our Senior Care App

Through our senior care App for canadians Thriving.ai, Care Recipients, Family, Caregivers and their Medical Practitioners can stay connected, access resources, monitor wellbeing, coordinate care and easily communicate. Keeping everyone informed on care provides peace of mind.

About us

Our vision

We ensure that Canadians needing senior care, whether due to aging, diverse abilities, or post-hospitalization support, receive the best care, support services, and companionship. Our user-friendly technology enables continuous care coordination, engagement, communication, and monitoring, ensuring everyone involved can live with dignity, voice, and joy.

We also support families during stressful times. With a Thriving Caregiver, families have a partner in care, allowing them quality time with loved ones and time for themselves.

Thriving Care is a reliable safety net for care recipients and their families.

Why Thriving Care?

Why you should choose us?

What Services We Provide

At Thriving Care Inc., we are dedicated to enhancing the lives of seniors and adults with diverse abilities through compassionate and professional home care services. We understand the importance of tailored care that supports independence and well-being. Our team is committed to providing comprehensive support that ensures peace of mind for both our clients and their families. Discover how our range of services can make a difference in your loved one’s life:

Home Health Care
Outings To Shop, Library, Doctor Or Hairdresser
Physio At Home
Everyday Stretches & Exercise
How Much Does Senior Daycare Cost?

The median day charge (up to eight hours) for adult daycare facilities in the U.S is $85 in 2024. Many families pay according to per hour because older adults don't spend all day there. The amount families pay additionally depends on person's needs, facility's location, the loved one's insurance benefits and the form of care provided.

What Is Covered Under Alberta Health Care For Seniors?

Alberta Health Care for Seniors is the premier caregiver. Its services encompass:

  • Health care including bathing, dressing, getting about the home companionship, meal preparation, and nail preparation.
  • Outings and visits to doctors, hairdressers, libraries, shops, etc.
  • Physio at home since the client's physiology is the subject of matter of the utmost importance. It all begins with a consultation with a professional physiotherapist.
  • Everyday exercises so the incorporation of them into your routine enhances fiexibility, mobility, and overall wellbeing.
Do You Offer Senior Care Services In Other Cities Of Alberta?

Our utmost priority is our patients’ care and satisfaction, and we embark on this by maintaining our high-quality structures. Thus, pertaining to it currently our senior care services are offered in Calgary, however, they will be expanded across the entire Canada in near future.

Do You Offer In-Home Patient Care Service?

Yes, since home is the place where an individual feels the most relaxed at, so we proffer in-home patient care services. Our in-home patient care services are aimed at boosting patient's relaxation, self-confidence, and utmost care.

What Type Of Patients Or Seniors You Don't Service?

We are dedicated to presenting a nurturing and enriching environment for seniors and adults with diverse abilities. Absolutely everyone that calls for a senior care plan for residents of Canada, wanting support because of the effect of growing older and extra fragile or desiring Alberta seniors support offerings. Thus, we have incorporated the needs and demands of different abilities individuals in our setup to facilitate the whole senior community.

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At Thriving Care Inc., everyone deserves the best care tailored to their unique needs.

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